Friday, September 13, 2013

:: the coffee shop

my favorite coffee shop.

i just can't seem to get over:

the old-timey stretch of street it's on.

or their chalkboard menu.

or their delicious veggie sandwiches.

or the designs they put in my latte foam.

i find myself always taking the same seat.

at the counter that faces the window.

sipping slowly from my mug.

sometimes reading a book.

or sometimes gazing out at the world around me.

there are always such engaging people scattered about.

who don't mind at all.

when you break into their conversation.

desperate to know the title of the incredible book they're reading aloud.

i find myself breathing easy here.

unfolded perfectly between--

its peace.

and its vibrancy.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

:: quick garden tour

the garden. from Ashley Fauls on Vimeo.

i've never utilized the video mode on my point and shoot.

so i decided to give it a little novice go.

a "one take---less than 60 second" tour of the garden.

i love that space.

see if you can spot the butterfly...

Monday, May 20, 2013


Today I burned sweetgrass incense 
while i tended the garden.  
A steady eastern wind blew— 
so I sheltered the smoking stick 
behind the old tree stump near the garden beds.  
The scent rose into the sky 
and floated through the air— 
permeating my yard— 
and the neighbors.  
It made picking weeds a ceremony.  
Something worthy of commencement.  
It brought new meaning to the dirt under my nails.