Thursday, January 1, 2009

i started this blog in 2009.

as a place where i could be creative.

& share the things i found inspiring. important.

it has evolved over time.

but through all seasons--

this space has remained very near to my heart.

the name for my blog came to me at a different time in my life.

before my focus shifted.

and while i still have quite the high heel collection.

i'm mostly barefoot.

or garden-booted.

getting good and dirty in the garden.

i've thought about changing the name of this blog.

but decided against it.

it's the past that makes us who we are.

and this space was birthed from that time in my life.

so coffee and stilettos remains just that.

as for me.


am a labor and delivery nurse by night--

and birthing doula by day.

tend a beautiful urban garden in my detroit backyard.

cook in cast iron pans. and drink from mason jars.

love to write poems. and short articles.

take photos. watch documentaries. listen to good music. and read incessantly.

collect vinyl records. owl figurines. toms shoes. and wooden elephants.

adventure in woods. and big cities.

am a vegetarian.

and love cooking with whole grains. and bright veggies.

sip coffee. and cold-brew tea.

practice yoga. and run.

love the earth. love people. and try to make a difference.

am currently obsessing over:

camping. learning the mandolin. beekeeping. scarves. and my nephew.

thanks for being here.