Friday, April 24, 2009

Personal Essay (in color photo)

How does one go about describing oneself? Especially to a whole world wide web of individuals who have no idea who you are.....what you enjoy. To begin my adventures in blog-dom, I have made the executive decision to post a few pictures that I feel might give the world a tiny window into who I am---pictures taken from my home, my most immediate daily surroundings. These are pictures of the things I love: books, shoes, and a very sorry attempt at cooking::::I don't believe I snuck any coffee cups into this picture, but my addictive relationship with java will become all too clear need to waste precious webspace with photos of my mug collection (not yet anyway!!). So here we go:: myself, in color photo:::::::::

The weather in the sweet American mitten is second-to-none today, and there is a lawn chair and a sunny patch of grass screaming my name!

Until tomorrow....

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