Saturday, April 25, 2009

Good Morning Fish!

It's morning. The morning of what has promised to be another gorgeous day in the Mitten.

I successfully dodged the drudgery of work last evening. I always feel like I am getting away with something when my phone rings, approximately one and a half hours before I am supposed to be swiping my badge. I know that when I pick up the phone, my manager will be there to say, "Just calling to say you have to stay home today!" Then they wait. Like I'm going to be sad. Like they want to offer me some comfort::: a cup of warm soup, a blankie. But I've never before been happier (well, not since the last time I was allowed to stay home!); however, for the fear of looking utterly lazy, I pretend to be mildly disappointed ("Oh! Okay...*sigh*). I think this gives them secret pleasure---to think they have the ability in their hot little hands to control peoples emotions. I let them embrace their power trip and I climb into bed and hunker down for a delicious night of s.l.e.e.p.

In case it's not clear, I work the midnight shift. And because I know it's not clear, I will tell you::: I am a nurse. I love my job, sincerely. However, isn't it just so that I would love my life a smidge more? And if I can be given the gift of a night in my own bed, I never turn a nose to it. I was particularly inspired by the idea of having last evening free from work, because my sister and brother-in-law are planning a move, as of late. In their particular instance, they found themselves in need of a place to keep their beloved money pit/fish tank. So, in only the best of sisterly fashions, I offered to let them store the little buggers with me. And wouldn't it just so happen that my good deed goes utterly unpunished. What was supposed to be a simple transportation of a tank from one surface to another, has snowballed into the re-arranging of most everything I own. (okay, not exactly, but it feels as such). So, I was thrilled to be able to catch some winks last night--- for today, I will be helping the siblings replace my broken TV and unplugged refrigerator/magnet collection, with their personal end table and tank of fish. (pictures to follow)

Speaking of my sister, I planned on ending this post with a p
hoto she recently took that I adore, and in the continued spirit of getting to know each other, I thought this would be a lovely time to look at something I think is fantastic!

Until tomorrow...

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