Sunday, April 26, 2009

24 hours in 4 photos

Fresh off an exhausting 12 hour shift::: pictures have taken the place of witty banter:::

:::The past 24 hours in photo:::

Successful transport of fish tank to its new home next to my windowsill.
(Not pictured here: the crab that got away...

Spiffy Paris wire art inspired a little creativity before I headed into work...

Original *bubble tea* art by the undeniably talented Elsie Flannigan. I just had to take a break from patient care and show these darling paintings to my friend, Sandhya last night...

Home Sweet Home::: cinnamon life and OJ for breakfast
(not pictured: the infamous FATBOY who presided next to me on the table)

Until tomorrow...

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  1. I love these images. You have an amazing eye and wonderful blog.

    Stop by when you have a chance and enter the guest blogger giveaway contest. :)