Saturday, May 30, 2009

: cats & crafts & coffee & cupcakes & & &

yesterday proved to be just as magnificent as i suspected. so many little things happened. so many details. it would take countless posts to fill you in on everything::: so i hit the high points with a collage of some of my favorite moments from the day::


1). sitting on the couch talking to my mom before she left for work:: my big fatboy at my side
2). taking full photo advantage of some awesome sun and shadows on my front porch
3). reveling in the fact that beauty grows and thrives:: even on the edge of the city alley
4.) putting the finishing touches on my totally elise blaha inspired "23" mini-book
5). snapping photos in the flower aisle at the local craft store
6). cupcakes in the coffee shop window
7). sipping starbucks with my sis on the outdoor patio at barnes & noble
8). wrapping up a game of bananagrams with a photoshoot

speaking of photos:: that girl you see snapping shots in the lower picture is my one-and-only little sis. (btw::: i am uber envious of her camera). her passion has long been photography. in fact: the cupcake and starbucks shots in the collage are compliments of her. i've linked the picture below to her new blog.

click it. look around. leave love. she'll adore you forever.

the final high point of the day involved purchasing/receiving some top-notch goodies. nothing was too extraordinary. nothing was too extravagant. but it's what i love. and it made my day in a huge way.

i'll leave you with the list::

* felicity season 1*
* the daily writer: by fred white*
* hummus, pita, edamame, goat cheese, wheat crackers and cucumber water*
* marta's mini-diary*
* loads of pretty paper, velum and stamps*
* the new issue of: yoga journal*

"i'm beginning to learn that it is the sweet, simple things of life which are the real ones, after all." -laura ingalls wilder


  1. Thanks Ashley! Love you! :)

  2. What a lovely day and I love your collage. I hope to make your day a little brighter. Come by my blog for an award. I think your Aw-summm!