Tuesday, May 5, 2009

holy guacamole (or not)

In honor of Cinco De Mayo, I had the inspirational idea to whip myself up a batch of homemade guacamole. I ran in from outside, threw on the nearest clothes I could find, and headed to the market. I picked up a ripe, juicy tomato; a lime; some light sour cream; a huge sweet onion; fresh cilantro; organic tortilla chips; a clove of garlic. Then, I reached the avocados. I was sorely disappointed....not only were most of them still green, even the dark ones where pretty much rock solid. I could have knocked an attacker out with one of these bad boys. But I couldn't get over my overwhelming desire to make guacamole. I talked myself into buying the three softest (and by soft, I mean still hard as a rock), avocados---figuring I could doctor them up at home.
So...I arrive in my kitchen, unload my bag of goods and am instantly accompanied by my Fatboy. (never, ever one to miss an opportunity for scraps!)

I gather my cutting board, knives, bowls and "masher"---I am ready to rock n roll! Until, that is, I attempt to slice into that first avocado. These vegetables are supposed to be like butter. I love nothing more than hitting that black oval with a knife and meeting no resistance at all. This afternoon, I about bent my stainless steal knife. I still wasn't disgruntled....I still believed I could make this work. So I started to peel the little bugger. The overwhelming smell of GREEN hit me. The poor avocado was like a block of grass....and didn't taste far from it either. It was at this point that I gave up the ghost, placed the remaining, uncut avocados in a paper bag to ripen, and moved on to steaming some asparagus.

I took this lovely batch of fresh asparagus and steamed in on the stove with some sea salt till it was nice and soft. Then, I transferred it to a pan, coated in extra virgin olive oil, and gave it just a little grill. While the veggies were simmering over the fire, I mix some fresh Parmesan cheese with a bit of garlic powder, and sprinkled the mixture on top, once I had placed the asparagus on a plate. The result was the delicious dish you see below:::

So while I didn't get to celebrate the holiday with my favorite green dip, I did manage to salvage the afternoon with a yummy runner-up dish!

Work tonight at 11pm....wish me luck!

Until tomorrow...

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