Friday, May 29, 2009

:: simple pleasures

today is a gift.


every other friday I get up before the sun, shower, scarf some breakfast and go spend the day with my friends' three awesome boys. today was one of such fridays.

i woke up at 5:30, ate some pb&j, grabbed a cup of joe, and headed out into the cool may morning. when i reached my destination, i was greeted by 2/3 of my favorite sleepy-eyed trio (along with a couple of energized pups). i immediately went to the fridge, poured a few cups of milk, found spongebob on the tv and snuggled up for AM hugs- while the boys' dad finished getting ready for work. a few minutes later, he was out the door and i was alone with my buddies. then, no sooner than he left, daddy b. was back. apparently their big black truck had driven it's last. after several failed starting attempts, and a trip under the hood, it was official: dad was staying home from work.
he apologized profusely. gave me baggies full of the homemade cookies he was supposed to take to the company potluck and offered to cover my gas. i took the cookies, declined the cash, hugged my boys and hit the door with this fabulous day glittering in my hands.

the sky is so blue outside my window. the sun is shining just right. a cool breeze blows through. my fresh summer playlist is jammin from my laptop speakers. my to-do list is burning a hole in my pocket. and my bank account has a little extra padding from this weeks paycheck.

my heart is so full of the simple joy of the day.

maybe i'll get sushi with liz later. maybe i'll wear my red summer heels. maybe i'll just stay in my black capri's and flip flops and sit in the warm grass.

who knows?! i have the whole day to decide :)

"bloom & blossom" may 15th, 2009

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  1. Sounds like a beautiful day! Enjoy!!! Have a great weekend!