Wednesday, June 3, 2009

sitting on the strawberry swing:: coldplay in pictures

from start to finish the concert was amazing. i wasn't sure being on the grass outside the pavilion was going to be the greatest- but it turned out to be perfection. we were blessed with a crystal clear night and a gentle breeze. to adequately describe for you the experience is nearly impossible. just random words come to mind::
energy. color. light. feeling.
the band worked tirelessly to create a personal and entertaining environment. the set changed constantly. a new background or prop was being introduced with every song. your eyes were desperately trying to take in, and memorize, every moment. they performed off of three separate stages- each located on a different part of the grounds. it was pretty cool because, no matter where your seats were, at one point- you had a birds eye view. there was even one point in the concert where chris martin started covering hip-hop songs....totally off the cuff. you felt like you were hanging out in the studio with these guys- rather than feel like what you really were- a crazed fan in a sea of the same.

after nearly 2 hours of non-stop entertaining: the band left the stage to thunderous applause. the crowd kept chanting- and i knew the group would be back for an encore. i was right. the four creative marvels quietly walked back out, assumed their instruments, and performed a passionate rendition of 'the scientist'. the crowd was still- except for the harmonious choir of 15,000 voices all singing along::

nobody said it was easy. it's such a shame for us to part...

it was enough to give you chills. especially as stray butterflies continued to fall over the crowd. as you left the show, each attendee received a hard copy of their live album 'leftrightleftrightleft' (which had been made available on their website for download). it was the perfect end to the evening. everyone got a little piece of the show.

but enough of my ramblings. here's a peek at my awesome night:::

VIVA balloon

josh & liz

liz & i

the grand entrance

the butterfly drop


the drive home::: & still so happy

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  1. I've seen Coldplay live 6 times now over the years and believe me when I say they get better and better. Glad you enjoyed the concert :D