Thursday, September 24, 2009

::: embracing fall

okay. let's talk fall. autumn. the season that we are now--officially-- participating in.

round about the middle of august, i became overcome with this undeniable feeling of absolute dread. it felt like a real sickness. i was devastated that my beautiful, glorious summer sun, and warm air, was going to be slowly drifting away from me. i wanted more hot days. more tan skin. more excuses to exercise my obnoxiously large flip flop collection. i was downright angry. i shook my proverbial fist at the sky, screaming "WHY? WHY?". i mean, maybe fall and winter could pass us this year?.....right?

but no such thing happened. nor will it ever. and i began to relinquish to fall.

then the unthinkable happened. i got an anthropologie catalog in the mail. followed by a toast catalog. and the coats and sweaters were so dreamy. then i saw the worlds most adorable scarf at target. and the cutest thanksgiving table additions on etsy. and then. THEN. i tasted this seasons first sip of starbucks pumpkin spice latte.

and it was all enough to throw me from my complacency about the seasons, right into a full on fall embrace. i am now pretty much ecstatic for fall. so much so- i was actually a little put out that it's been so hot and humid here in the Mitten, this week. i now have the urge to don a big cozy sweater. to curl up with fuzzy socks and a mug of coffee and watch charlie brown specials on tv. i want to feel the crunch of leaves. taste the extra-sweetness of fresh cider. maybe bake a pie.

funny what happens when we give up trying to control the things we cannot change, and simply do our best to enjoy what we've been given.

i raise my pumpkin spice latte to you. and to enjoying the journey. regardless of the weather.


  1. This made me laugh. Fall is my favorite so it's funny to hear from somebody who doesn't want it to come! ;) Aren't those catalogs so lovely??? Just in love with them!!!

  2. i'm glad you've decided to embrace the season. :) summer is so hot and muggy here that i welcome fall with open arms!

    want to hear something blasphemous?? i have yet to have a pumpkin spice latte yet this year. everyone has been posting about them, but we have a local coffee shop chain that is a lot more prominent than starbucks (which is pretty rad, i think) and i just never make it there! but you're inspiring me to make a saturday morning trip across town for one this weekend. :)

  3. jamie: LOVE the catalogs!
    sonya: the trek across town will be worth every inch! the PSL is NOT to be missed :)