Friday, September 25, 2009

::: the fall list

after admitting in yesterdays post that i was a bit slow hopping on the "fall wagon", i came across this fabulous list from Sarah at Pink of Perfection. it totally inspired me to keep the autumnal theme going for one more day. in doing so, i decided to compile a list of my own. and here it is:

30 Quintessential Fall Activities:

1. eating fresh donuts and cold cider from apple charlies.
2. packing up the tank tops and shorts---and replacing them with sweaters and warm pjs.
3. painting my nails dark colors: browns, plums, deep reds
4. assembling a christmas shopping list
5. digging out the charlie brown holiday DVDs
6. locating my window scraper
7. making pasties
8. deciding on a new perfume for fall (i most definitely switch with the seasons)
9. celebrating my sisters birthday
10. watching/attending college football games (GO BLUE!)
11. accessorizing every outfit with a scarf
12. accessorizing SOME outfits with a warm hat
13. stocking up on hot chocolate and chai
14. re-discovering my favorite hoodies
15. taking walks in the crisp, cool morning
16. raking leaves
17. drinking hot tea before bed
18. saying a tearful good-bye to the flip flops, and a hearty HELLO to the leather boots
19. making a fall playlist
20. flipping my window heating/cooling unit from "cold air" to "heat"
21. deciding on the perfect centerpiece for the thanksgiving dinner table
22. switching my starbucks order from "tall iced chai/coffee" to "tall pumpkin spice latte"
23. using flannel sheets
24. commencing the search for the perfect Christmas cards
25. sporting my khaki colored trench coat---everywhere
26. applying multiple coats of lip balm. (burts bees, please!)
27. re-introducing warm, hearty soups into the regular menu
28. lighting cinnamon/apple pie/vanilla/milk & honey candles
29. wearing fuzzy socks to bed
30. simmering mulling spices on the stove

what are your favorite fall activities?

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  1. as if i needed more reasons to be excited about fall! love this list.