Sunday, September 13, 2009

the green dress:::

a few years ago, before the movie Atonement was released, i received two free advanced screening passes from my local Borders store. i was ecstatic when the delightful gal behind the counter handed them over to me, but immediately became panic stricken when i realized that the show started in 3 hours! i knew this situation demanded my best and fastest problem-solving. almost without thinking, i dialed my cousins cell phone number, sang her my sad tune, and convinced her it would be MORE than worth her while to drive the 40 minutes to see this movie with me. i mean-- it was FREE! so, obviously--she agreed. and a few hours later we were comfortably seated at a nearby theater--- evian and popcorn adorning us on either side.

i was immediately taken with the film. the score. the cinematography. the acting. having read the book prior to hearing about the movie, i was already invested in the story. the rest was just icing, as far as i was concerned.

now- at the risk of sounding superficial - i am going to divulge a little secret. even more than the fabulous story & music & character portrayals, i was deeply and madly effected by:: the green dress. i thought it was just me. i thought i was quite possibly the only person on earth who actually lost track of the story line admiring Keira's magnificent green frock in one of the earlier scenes. i was enamored with the color. the details. the draping. the fit. ahhh...the glories of a talented costume director!

it wasn't until months later, while at another free screening for the movie Sweeny Todd, that i discovered there was a whole community of green dress lovers out there. i struck up some idle conversation with the fellow-movie-goers behind me, and at the first mention of Atonement, praises started to ring for THE GREEN DRESS! i felt like i had come home. lovingly surrounded by more of my own. people all over the theater started chiming in. it was a revolution. a flash mob of dress lovers! i went home and even discovered a facebook group dedicated to la green! i was bemused by this united front of fashion addicts!

my vote that year for best supporting actress in a feature film went to the green dress---but she didn't win, sadly enough. however, she continues to remain one of my favorite pieces of theatrical costume.

and so: as this weekend comes to a close--- i am sharing with all of you, MS. GREEN & asking::

can a dress change your life?

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