Thursday, September 17, 2009

three words::: the. sharpie. pen

greatest. thing. ever.

don't believe me? buy a pack. it'll rock your handwritten world.

&& dear sharpie:: more colors! please & thank you!


  1. yes, yes, yes.

    I just saw your blog via m.writes and I couldn't agree more. Since I found them, they are all I use. Now Sharpie dominates not only my sketchbook, but my notes as well. How's that for a monopoly!

  2. LOVE the sharpie pen! (sharpies are one of my obsessions!)
    Read your comment on Marta Writes, I agree. Have a good one.

  3. you are the third person this week to rave about the sharpie pen. i think i'll pick up a pack tomorrow!

    found your blog via giverslog. hello!