Sunday, October 11, 2009

the 20 weekend highlights:::

1. eating apple pie & vanilla ice cream with my grandpa
2. greg laswell's cover of "this woman's work"
3. warm chai tea lattes
4. new winter pajamas
5. driving with the window rolled down--cool breeze flowing in
6. picking out the perfect birthday card for my sister
7. kim walker-smith
8. having a good hair day
9. ordering anthropologie tea cups
10. finishing week 1 of the esther study
11. watching movies until the morning
12. the new toast catalog
13. dissecting the lyrics of "brand new"
14. spending time with rachel
15. watching "jim & pam: the office wedding" on my dvr
16. falling asleep to amos lee & the swell season
17. getting absorbed in mitford (again)
18. picture message updates from suzanne in ft. worth, tx
19. long phone calls with kim & tami
20. wearing cute sweaters i forgot i had


  1. love this list! fall weekends are the best! who sings "brand new"? i love dissecting lyrics.

  2. sounds like you had a great weekend! i hope the week treats you just as well :)