Wednesday, October 21, 2009

the kind life:::

i am sitting here, non-fat grande chai tea latte beside me, and i am pondering the kind life.

what is the "kind life", you might ask? it's a simple, vegan lifestyle that strengthens your body and enhances the environment. for the past few years, i have sincerely dabbled with the idea of becoming a vegetarian or vegan. i've never been one to eat a lot of meats (i don't think i've ever eaten an entire steak) --and while i do occasionally love a mean cheeseburger charred on the grill--- or a spicy taco with ground beef---or a nice succulent chicken breast---i don't feel they are foods i "couldn't live without."

when i think about vegetarian vs vegan--and the sacrifice of cheese and eggs and yogurt and ice cream-- i don't get too sad about that either. it seems so RIGHT to focus on a plant based diet. to put into your body things that are natural. from the earth. organic. call me crazy, but it's something that's been appealing to me for a long time. i can only imagine how fresh and light and healthy i could feel, if only i was more conscious of what i was putting into my body. and where it came it from.

over the past year, i've purchased several books on the topic--but, to be frank-- i never even cracked the covers. then i came across this book online a few days ago, and i've been smitten:

alicia silverstone makes it no secret that she embraces a vegan lifestyle. so i wasn't surprised when i discovered that she had penned a book on the subject. however, i was surprised at how fabulous it was. the writing is so down-to-earth, accessible and relatable. she addresses all types of interested parties: from the curious, to the down-and-out vegan die-hards. i have been thoroughly enjoying absorbing her research and personal stories.

i often question myself as to why i haven't made the change yet. why i haven't embraced the lifestyle i have long been aching to embody. and i realize that the answer is laziness. food is essential to life. it is intricately woven into nearly every moment of our day. to completely change that aspect takes time and dedication. in the beginning, the changes would not be convenient. i would have to shop at a new store. stock up on all new snacks. it would be increasingly difficult to grab things on-the-go. especially at the hospital. then there's the hassle of explaining the choice to family and friends. the feeling of being a nuisance at gatherings---when nothing on the menu is edible to you.

but-- i think i might be ready. it might be time. finally. and i'm not saying i'll be perfect. that i'm going to wake up tomorrow and never, ever eat another scrap of meat- or drop of dairy-- but i'm committed to start embracing this change. to strive toward a healthier, more balanced diet.

to dip my pinky toe into the kind life & see how deep i go!


  1. It's always interested me as well, but I've held off for similar reasons, that and my husband loves being a carnivore, but I might have to pick this up. Please keep posting about your progress! I'd love to hear more!

    Good luck! :)

  2. ooo! so interesting! i completely agree with everything you are saying! i am, unfortunately, not able to make the plunge. on reasoning being the bottomless pit husband i live with. but someday, this may work for us! i admire your courageous! keep us updated on your progress!

    ps. love the new banner...i've been meaning to tell you :)

  3. That's funny, this is something I often contemplate...but, like you said, it takes quite a bit of work to get started. Let me know how it's going for you if you've decided to do it.