Saturday, October 10, 2009

the north face & a couple of saints :: :: ::

it's cold. quite cold actually. it's two shirts and obnoxiously thick fuzzy socks cold. it's get me a mug of hot joe STAT!-- cold. i am extraordinarily tempted to don the new north face jacket right here and now. have you ever owned a north face? worn one? experienced its near perfection? well, please. do us all a favor and rectify that if you haven't.

i purchased this fabulous maroon-ish north face windwall last week. it speedily arrived and i was sporting it within a few days. fortunately for me, this little miracle arrived just as the ghastly winds were blowing in. i had tossed the jacket on and sped out the door one evening. my vehicle was dinging incessantly, reminding me that a gas station pit stop was no longer something i could put off. so i whipped into the nearest fill-er-up, and waited in the brittle cold. except, i realized, the cold wasn't so brittle. in fact, i could barely feel the wind blowing at all. be still my heart. did this jacket actually live up to it's name? was my delightful splurge seriously a wall against the wind? indeed it appeared so.

i was delighted! second only to the little green plungers that occlude the hole on your starbucks lid--- this was the greatest invention i had ever seen!

long live the north face. may you keep me warm outside--and occasionally inside-- this fall/winter and always!

also- it would be against my very nature not to mention how consumably jazzed i am about the midnight viewing of The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day. oh! how long i have waited for my favorite crime destroying irish brothers to grace the big screen again. long black coat and sunglasses are at the ready. october 29th-- you have no idea what you're in for.


  1. oh i have always wanted a northface coat! and this one looks super cute and cozy! i'm always afraid to look at the pricetags.. they're a bit out of my range. do you mind me asking how much this one was??

  2. oooo! i LOVE it! my 'what to spend my christmas money one' (talk about counting chickens before they hatch) list keeps getting longer! but lets be honest, the columbia coat i have had since high school probably isn't cutting it for recess duty.

  3. I love the jacket / coat uhh...thing. Looks thin, yet warm as if it were thick . Movable and non cumbersome. The color is quite divine as well. Nice work. One of the best parts of the harsh biting winters can be rocking some cool outer wear people in Florida , and warm climates , know nothing of.

    As far as the Mcmanus(Macmanus) brothers go....
    I didn't even know about this movie until two weeks ago and I am utterly psyched on this prospect. When I become super excited about a movie I put a gag order on myself and refuse to watch the previews....which is exactly what i am doing with this film. I like it to be an all new experience with no hint of what I am in for. I do admit , your post here has made it quite challenging to not watch this preview.