Saturday, October 31, 2009

today is a door:::

{via natalie}

today is much akin to this door. it's engaging. enchanting. tempting. full of a peaceful excitement. brimming with possibility. what is beyond it? what does it lead to? these are my favorite characteristics of a day. my favorite questions to ask.

this morning began with blueberry pancakes. mixing and pan-frying all taking place to the soundtrack of the mornings NPR offering. a few quite moments were spent indulging in my efforts and cleaning out my neglected DVR memory.

the rest of the day promises to be just as delightful. perhaps a walk through the park. wind howling around me in proper halloween fashion. a fast trip to the mall-- i have a gift card and i know there is puffy vest out there just aching to be purchased. perhaps i'll catch a quick afternoon movie before i go celebrate my sisters new home. perhaps i'll take a book to the coffee shop and curl up while i fly through someone else's life for a moment. maybe i'll get called off work this evening. maybe i won't.

either way. when i woke up this morning, and flung wide the door of today-- i was not disappointed. and i don't think i can be.

here's to a wonderful harvest-weekend. and more fabulous doors to adventure through.

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