Tuesday, December 29, 2009

a different kind of question:::

i've decided to change my way of thinking. and by doing so, perhaps help challenge others way of thinking.

it is exceptionally easy to ask "why?". so many things can happen in our life that make us throw our hands to the heavens. or hang our heavy head in their palms. we can mourn our hardships, or we can look them in the face and ask:


what makes me think i shouldn't struggle. fight. overcome. what makes me exempt? i am no better than any other human being who has climbed their way to the top of a mountain-- and kissed the ground on the other side.

we live in a broken world. questioning it will not put the pieces back together. instead-- we can look at our struggles square in the face-- and conquer them. climb them. stand upon them. ask ourselves--not WHY?-- but WHY NOT?-- and steady on. we can achieve greatness-- despite our obstacles.

but hold your breath-- you'll never be prepared for the view from the mountaintop.


  1. """we live in a broken world. questioning it will not put the pieces back together."""

    This is the radness Alfie ! This is why I love you without even having the privalage of actually knowing you. Greatness.

    Thank you , deeply , for writing this.

    Much respect.

  2. I really needed to read this today. Thank you!