Monday, January 4, 2010

::: it's easy being green

why hello green smoothie! aren't you looking rather fabulous?

inspired by sara over at HAPPY FOODY-- i decided to incorporate green smoothies into my daily routine this year. i made a late night meijer run on January 1st-- and came home juggling armfuls of kale, spinach, berries, papaya, pineapple guava, bananas, and ginger root. i cracked the cover on my "green smoothie recipe book" and warmed up the blender.

for the past few days i've been blending my little heart out-- much to my great pleasure. as committed as i was to green smoothies, even i was a smidgen skeptical. i mean-- spinach in a smoothie? delicious sounded debatable. but i blended on! i believed in the power of those little greens and i was determined to give them a new years go!

much to my utter delight-- the powerful sweetness of the fresh fruit all but obliterated the taste of green-- and left me slurping down my daily dose of veggies and begging for more.

i packed up a big batch of my "spinach, berry, ginger" concoction in an oversized mason jar and carried it proudly into work. after many an eyebrow, the gals all dipped the tips of their baby fingers into the green mixture. i wasn't at all surprised to see their shocked faces, and hear their "mmms" of delight.

who'da thunk? the world's most amazingly beneficial drink is also fabulously delicious!

go on. try one. contrary to popular belief--- it's quite easy being green.

(click the HAPPY FOODY link above to peruse all of sara's posts on green smoothies.
then i dare you not to try one!)

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