Friday, January 1, 2010

the year of simpler living:

i've titled this post "the year of simpler living" because that is what i hope it will be.

i stood in the labor and delivery waiting room this evening at 12 midnight, styrofoam cup of sparkling grape juice in my hand, and i rung in the new year crowded around a small TV with my work family. as we all toasted our glasses, sipped in 2010, and returned to our work--- i couldn't help but stop and contemplate the clean slate that just appeared before me.

a new year.

a whole year to be better. different. to see new things. help more people. grow. it's my sincere hope and prayer that i will be able to look back on this night and recognize it as a turning point. as the axis of a change in my life. that from this night on i will live more simply. more sustainably. more fully.

i always like to think that my favorite year will be the next one.

here i go...

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  1. Happy New Year, Ashley!!!! Hope it treats you very well with much happiness and laughter!