Thursday, February 25, 2010

: working it all out. in poem.

take a sip
take a good long sip
before the river runs to drip

before the balance
of the rib cage and the rigamortis
sets in

walk this wire
walk this thin fine wire
until you've captivated each desire
in a mason jar

until you've mastered
the art of breath and death

the living
and the dead

tip-toe tall
and proud
love your children
brand the sound

run the line

but don't look down


sometimes my job reminds me of the beauty of life. and of living.
and sometimes it reminds of the fragility.
that we're all accidents waiting to happen.
but that we can never live like we are.

this poem was the result of a night spent remembering the latter.


  1. Beautiful! What do you do? Something in medicine?

  2. i am a nurse in maternal/child health. it's such a rewarding job--but occasionally i am faced with a devastating situation. sometimes i just have to "write it out".

    thanks for reading :)

  3. love this. "run the line, but don't look down." thanks for sharing.

  4. "we're all accidents waiting to happen.
    but that we can never live like we are."

    This is something I think about so often. Life is SO fragile, I'm very aware of that, but I also know that you only live life once and you should live it to the fullest! Enjoy each day, learn new things, and try not to focus on the negatives. This was a great poem!

  5. this made me want to give you a hug and just say 'thank you'.


    Thank you.