Tuesday, April 27, 2010

:: five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes

one year and three days ago, i sat down at my laptop and created a blog. i didn't know how to format it. or what to name it. or what to say. but i knew i wanted a space to be creative. to talk about the things i'd seen. the places i'd been. the lessons i had learned. and i wanted people to listen.

when i first started, things were a bit stressful. how would i make my blog look and feel the way i envisioned? how would people find it? how much would i reveal? how often would i post? i worked hard on making this space what i thought other people would want to see. then i realized that the whole reason i started a blog was as therapy for myself. when i came home from work, i wanted to be able to forget about blood, and IV's, and patients--- and i wanted to be able to focus on the music i loved. the photos i'd taken. my adventures. inspiration. and the world unseen. ultimately-- the only person who needed to love my blog was myself.

so i stopped trying. and i just photographed obsessively. quoted liberally. wrote truthfully. shared shamelessly. and loved every second of it. i've connected with a magnificent web of people who encourage me daily-- and to whom i try to do the same. this blog has been a beautiful journey. and to look back on my posts is to re-live the past year of my life. the good. the bad. and the fab! it puts a smile on my face. and makes me immensely grateful that i took the time to document the details. to leave notes. to realize i had something important to say. and to say it.

i sat at the kitchen table this morning, fabulous new mug in my hands, and i thought about who i am. who i was 365 days ago. and who i want to be in 365 more. and you know what i realized. what this blog has taught me::: i am here. i am now. and i am exactly who i am meant to be.

thanks for riding shotgun with me on my wild ride. you make this journey all the more wonderful! here's to the next year!


  1. fabulous new mug indeed! happy anniversary! you were one of the first bloggers i came across when i started, and i'm so glad that you were here to inspire me! thank you for sharing this bright spot in your life with everyone. here's to the next 365!

  2. You're blog has always been so wonderful! Really great writing, interesting photographs, and some really good information. You're the one that inspired me to start one (and I'm loving it). Thank you for being an inspiration.
    PS. Fabulous title!!!!! ;)

  3. Oh, congratulations on a year! That is fabulous! Oh, and now the Rent song is stuck in my head! Am so happy to find you, and cannot wait for more!

  4. Congrats on the year milestone! I still have a ways to go until I get to a year - thanks for all the stories and great photos...I really enjoy it!

  5. happy one year blog birthday! :)