Monday, April 19, 2010

::: growth & gardens

is it okay that i am mildly obsessed with the signs of spring i see at every turn?
even on the side of the freeway?

the beauty of this earth never ceases to amaze me.

spent a lot of time outside prepping the garden beds this weekend.
can't wait to share some pictures of the finished product!

this is going to be such an exciting spring & summer.

with anticipation...


  1. Wow I wished I had sights that gorgeous on the side of our roads! Here it's strip malls and TONS of traffic. Oh, and smog too :/

  2. Oh I am the same way! I don't have much of a garden (its all in pots on my patio), but I spent the weekend at a garden & plant festival to liven it up!

    Can't wait to see some pix of your garden. :)

    Bre @

  3. It's totally okay... I am obsessed too! Completely! That grass looks so ridiculously inviting. Can't wait to see the gardens!

  4. This is a really pretty picture! I'm so excited for spring as well, we just tilled the soil in our garden...can't wait to do some planting!! ;)

  5. Lovely photo! I am eagerly anticipating spring, too. SO READY...I just can't wait. (-:

  6. I love spring! It was so beautiful here today, before the humidity and gnats descend! Lovely blog (I have to say, the Duffy really got me!), and I'm a new follower! XO!

  7. Oh I can't tell you how ready I am for the season of summer!! It needs to happen very very soon.