Friday, April 30, 2010

:: midnight train to georgia

{may 2009}

i've been aching to take a train ride. just over a year ago, i drove down to chicago with my friend. my work schedule didn't allow me to stay as long as she did, so i hopped a train home a few days early. i snapped the above photo shortly after we lurched forward toward the first stop. the solitary five hour rail ride was a beautiful experience.

there is something about riding in a train car that makes me feel all at once adventurous and simple. it makes me feel old-fashioned---in the most amazing way, of course. it makes me ponder the days when the railroad was revolutionary. when getting from one side of the country to the other took days, instead of hours.

there is something so beautifully earthy about train travel. the way you can see the world whizzing past. how you can take in the landscapes. and buildings. the color of the sky. it's life in fast forward. it's a blurry wonder. it's a tad bit magical.

perhaps i'll board a train sometime soon. small bag stored away neatly over my head. cup of steamy coffee in my hand. i'll lean back and close my eyes until we start moving. then i'll stare, wide eyed with wonderment, as i rush along with the rotation of the earth.


  1. this picture is magical. :) honestly i have never been on a train, but i've always thought it sounded kind of glamorous (it reminds me of those oldie but goodie movies a la Audrey Hepburn).

    Happy Friday to you!

    Bre @

  2. I can't remember the last time I was on a train, but I'd love to hop on one as well!

    Maybe a trip to Chicago is in our future?

  3. what an intriguing photo!
    ahh, yes, a solitary train ride sounds completely perfect right now.

  4. This post was so calming & beautifully written. I was picturing myself as you, watching out the big window at all the beautiful things. I have always wanted to travel on a train since I was little. To take a real trip by train. But because I live in Texas there isn't much that people travel by train for. This was a very good post. And also I can't believe you are listening to Needtobreathe right now. The Outsiders albums is in my car & it's what I have been listening to for a month now. I'm glad we are on the same page :)

  5. I adored this post. It made me think of many things and , perhaps , in many ways too. I like that. Your blog is always just a wonderful place to be.
    Great stuff.