Thursday, May 20, 2010

:: hit the tracks, jack::

i am packing my bags.

towing along::
a stack of books.
my newly playlisted ipod.
a comfy zip-up hoodie.
my little black dress.
my turquoise stilettos.
my gray TOMS.
a pair of leggings and a long purple top.
a selection of sunglasses.

i am printing my ticketed bar code.
mapquesting distances.
making reservations.
charging my point-and-shoot camera.
and getting every kind of down-right GLEEFUL about my weekend in chicago.

i am jazzed about the food.
and the sights.
and the laughter.

but can i be honest?
i'm most excited about the train ride.

i'll be back.
and full of things to share.

enjoy the weekend...


  1. sounds wonderful! train rides are so romantic - they make me feel like i'm back in time. have a great trip! xo

  2. I hope you have the best time ever!!!! These images make me want to take a trip too, and I would totally be stoked about a train ride. Makes me think of old 50's movies!

  3. That sounds WONDERFUL!!!! Hope you have a great time.

  4. YES! that sounds so exciting. My friend and I were just talking about taking a train ride somewhere but we didnt know if it would be hard without a car once we get there. Let me know how it goes! :) Sounds amazing.

  5. Train rides are the BEST. So much more relaxing than flying and lovely views. I haven't taken a train ride in some time...but I want to now!

  6. Love that tartan suitcase! Great pics. xx

  7. enjoy your train ride and thanks for your sweet comment!!! you have a great blog too :)

  8. have a glorious time, sweets. i adore these images. the shoes = love.

    xo Alison

  9. Have a fabulous time, and take lots of pictures wherever it is that you go!

  10. That will be so great! Have a terrific time! your blog is brilliant:)

  11. Have a great time soaking up the sun and riding that train. I love the way you wrote this. It was delicious to read.


  12. i adore train rides & i adore your post! have a wonderful vacation - you deserve it! :)

  13. Gorgeous post....beautiful images! Love the shoes.

  14. I agree that train rides can be really great (as long as they aren't super crowded like they can be in NY!

    Have fun in Chicago, there's so much great stuff to do there.

    You're sweet to have become a follower of my blog! I'm still trying to figure it all out and I appreciate the positive feedback :)

  15. hey pretty lady, thanks for the joie de vivre list! i sent you an email about it.

    also, i just linked your blog on my sidebar! hooray!

  16. Oh, have so much fun! I love trips you get so excited for that you plan out every minute detail :)

  17. How wonderful it would be to travel on a train! I have always wanted to do that.
    TOMS are crucial for any trip & so is a rockin playlist! Summer trips are indeed my favorite. I loved this post & how you put it all together & those beautiful photos (I'm a addict of weheartit)
    Be safe on your trip!

  18. this. sounds. amazing. have the best time! and what a clever and organized packer you are! fabulous.

  19. it sounds like great fun! I hope you enjoy your trip :) love these pictures so much!!


  20. Oh my goodness, those red tights are to die for. Have SO much fun in Chitown, and I can't wait for train pictures!

  21. TOMS are always great to travel in. Love the pics in the post.

  22. have a wonderful trip! i love chicago, such a fun city... and train travel sounds oh so glamourous!

    bon voyage!

  23. Gah, the pictures are amazing. You were brilliant to playlist your ipod before leaving. There's just something about it that makes a trip :)

  24. have a great trip! seems like you have everything ready to go :)

  25. I love iced chai...and walking near the railroads. :)