Friday, May 14, 2010

:: it's all about the weekend & the world...

after a busy night at work, i spent the morning:::

sipping coffee in a little corner at a quite creperie.
wandering through an empty garden nursery (on the hunt for the perfect peony).
admiring the thriving veggies in my garden.
and dreaming about all the amazing summer salads they will become.

and then i spent a few moments just staring at the knee-length string of beads i've been wearing everyday for the past week. i ordered the gorgeous strand from an organization called 147 Million Orphans. the group bring awareness to the forgotten women & children of uganda. children left to raise themselves. women: abused. helpless.
they help give independence and financial security by teaching the women life skills.
and by selling their gorgeous necklaces online.
each necklace is handmade using old magazine pages. and they are beautiful.
i've been wearing mine triple wrapped--so it hangs in several lovely loops around my neck.
it rises and falls when i walk. each thump reminding me that no matter what may come in my day---i am so fortunate. so blessed.
its presence pushes me to be consistently aware of the world beyond my nose.
my door.
my neighborhood.
my country.

there is so much that needs to be done.
maybe i can't change the whole world.

but i'm going to try.


  1. That's so cool, I love pretty things that are also actually helpful in some way to someone else!

  2. I can totally relate to admiring growing veggies. I am constantly checking on my little garden.

  3. You make a difference in peoples lives on a regular you're helping the world one person at a time. This was a beautiful post.

  4. Lovely pics. That organisation sounds like they're doing great work - will check them out. Thanks. xx

  5. Sounds like such a lovely morning! I looove the necklace, I have one just like it from a similar organization. I'm going to try, too... thanks for the inspiration.