Thursday, May 6, 2010

:: what do may flowers bring?

inspired by a post over at the baker's daughter-- i found myself pondering what "may" has meant to me so far. six days deep and i can already attest that may means::

cute ballet flats
silky scarves
mugs of chai tea and coffee near an open screen door
3D movies with the greatest kids on earth
catch-up breakfasts at dive diners
flowers. and sprouts. and gardening
sun-kissed skin
thick novels
the revival of the sundress
$6 leggings from target
chicago trip planning
breaths of fresh air that fill your lungs from top to bottom
finding community
crepes at garden tables
sunglasses & sandals
thought-provoking podcasts
slap-happy midnight shifts
playlists featuring james brown. steve martin. sandra mccracken.
florence + the machine. and needtobreathe

what has may meant to you?


  1. April showers bring may flowers. May flowers bring....June bugs???? Like the post. As a response to your question on my page. I'm from Warren. Pretty close to the D. :)

  2. what a beautiful list! i want to enjoy a lot of those things this month, too.

  3. ohh I just love this list!!! james brown and florence + the machine have been playing in my kitchen all week! in between my last few classes, i've been compiling a list of summer things i'm looking forward to... and after seeing this list i have some new additions to make!

  4. What a fun list of things! Sounds like your May is off to a fabulous start!

  5. thick novels, florence + the machine, catch up breakfasts at dive diners...this list = love.

    have a glorious weekend.


    xo Alison

  6. Well you've had a lovely May already! Mine has looked a little like this...
    white beaches, sunburns, hot walks, sleeping in, island food, plane rides, adjustments, and bugs:)

  7. love! (especially: catch-up breakfasts at dive diners) ;)

  8. this is completely off topic, but i see that youre reading plain truth! i love that book! it was definitely one of jodi picoults best :)

  9. So far, May has been:
    Running further
    Sore shoulders
    seeing old friends
    planning a road trip
    wasting time at work
    Learning how NOT to kill my plants
    Pad Thai
    Biggest fight ever
    positive thinking
    learning not to sweat the small stuff
    finding my old favorite talk radio program back on the air

  10. Aww, I have been listening to Florence + the Machine lately, too! We have these CDs from Radio One that are all cover songs, there's one of them doing a cover of Beyonce's "Halo." One word = awesome!

  11. What an uplifting list - thanks. So far May has meant leaves on the trees (finally) and a feeling that we've turned the corner here in Scotland after a long winter. Ultimately this year May will mean commemorating the 1st anniversary of the death of my beloved grandfather as a family. xx

  12. I love your taste in music. I probably have those $6 leggings from target you speak of. And hoorah for silk scarves. Love this post. Thanks for your comment on my blog!


  13. Apparently May brings adorable little flats...loving those. I think I would like May to bring me everything you made in your list. Lovely!!

  14. Gah the shoes are adorable. May has been a job hunt. And crossed fingers.