Wednesday, June 2, 2010

:: a biscuit breakfast

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it's supposed to be stormy today.
dark. windy.
cooler than it's been in weeks around here.
so seeing as a "stay-inside-in-your-pjs" kind of day is being predicted...
i think i'm going to roll up my sleeves this morning
and take a crack at making a batch of biscuits.

the soft, buttery delights are among my favorite breakfast indulgence.
drizzled with some fresh honey.
and washed down with a mug of delicious tea or coffee.

i've been meaning to try my hand at biscuit making.
but the fine art of it has kept me at bay.
however with nothing but time.
and the sound of rain on my windows.
i'm ready to give it a go.

wish me luck, won't you?


  1. The trick, apparently, is not to knead too much. Mine always turn out like rocks and I always try to think of my grandmother saying "lightly Clare, touch the dough as little as possible". Good luck!

  2. Oh good luck!
    I don't know anything about real baking like that, things you must be absolutely scientific about, but it sounds like a great idea.
    Have fun!

  3. Oooh, good luck Alfie! Biscuits aren't too hard to make - I'm sure they'll be delish. Oh - rich, dark hot cocoa sounds SO good with biscuits and rain :) so if you get sick of your tea & coffee, give it a try for me, ok?

  4. Mmmmm yum that sounds fantastic my friend. I wish you loads of luck. Eat one for me please!


  5. Those look delicious! Portland is having a rainy, gray spring as well. I wish I had some biscuits to ease the pain ;)

  6. mmmm. you've inspired me.

    to go to bob evans.

  7. good luck and look forward to the photos!

  8. Bonne chance ! Your blog is so lovely :)

  9. Hmm looks delicious and good luck! xo

  10. That sounds so wonderful! Having grown up in the South, I am a dedicated biscuit eater and maker - they're really easy and delicious! XO!

  11. Good luck with the baking - let us know how you got on. xx

  12. Oh biscuits with honey and coffee sounds wonderful :) I hope they turned out great!

  13. oooh good luck! And find a great recipe so you can give it to me. ;)

    I didn't even try biscuits and gravy in the morning until I met my boyfriend, whose mother makes them all the time. My mom's a health freak and shunned such amazing treats as biscuits in the I've unfortunately missed out. AAAH, I love them so!

  14. I LOVE trying to bake new things! Good luck!

  15. I would have to come across your blog when I'm starving! These looks so delish!! I love those stay inside and bake days :)!

  16. I am a fellow biscuit lover...and I am jealous..

    ..I now need to go make some for a late night snack! :)


  17. biscuits are perhaps the ultimate comfort food. love this post!

    xo Alison

  18. hmmm. looks very delicious. i love biscuits;D

    cute blog:D i am now a new follower. hope you can follow me too;D

  19. good luck with the biscuits! i always ask my grandmother how to make them and she tells me im not old enough. so i wish i had some advice for you, but i dont :)

  20. Mm biscuits are such a delight. I hope yours come out tasty! Very cute blog by the way, you have drawn me in!!!

  21. so glad you found my blog, dear. :)

    mmmmm oh my, biscuits are SO good!

  22. They look amazing. Your blog is lovely x

  23. ohhhh that looks SO GOOD!

  24. Did you have any luck with this? I've tried a handful of times to make them and they turn out so-so. Never fabulous. I should take another stab at it...