Wednesday, June 9, 2010

::: i couldn't help myself.

it's official.

i purchased a pair of these bad boys.

i've made it no secret that i am mildly obsessed with TOMS SHOES.
so when i heard the company was coming out with a wedge...


that about did me in.

i tried to convince myself that another pair of TOMS was unnecessary.

i talked to myself about the difference between the things i want.
and the things i need.

but this morning.
when i knew it was payday.
i caved.
i gave into my nasty little shoe habit and ordered a pair.

and can i be honest?

i feel no remorse.

i always feel good about a TOMS purchase.
not only because i know i'll be rocking some stylish shoes.

but because they give back.

which is beautiful.

stayed tuned for many summer pictures of the wedge around town.

just as soon as my best friend in the brown shorts and big truck brings them to my door.


  1. Your best friend!!! Oh my goodness that is priceless! I love TOMS so very much & so far have bought a pair every year. All of the new ones this season are beautiful so I just might have to up that number to two pairs of TOMS a year soon.
    I was with a friend & he said how much he wanted to buy a pair of TOMS but they are so expensive. I thought, Hmmm I guess if I think about it $80 for a pair of shoes is not something I normally spend. But for some reason it doesn't bother me at all to spend it. I am the same as you, I feel no remorse.
    You rock those TOM wedges Alfie! And I know you'll look good doing it too ;)

  2. Yess! Ha ha ha I love how happy and unashamed you are of your TOMS wedges.
    Show us pictures of your new babies!

  3. Good for you Alfie! Now: time for me to shop :)

  4. I love these! I think it's a great summer purchase! :) What color did you go with?

  5. Yay! So much fun... I've never seen TOMS wedges before! Every time I see one of your posts about TOMS, it convinces me a little more that I need a pair too...

  6. i didnt know toms made wedges!! thats so cool! now i wish i was shorter so i could buy a pair!

  7. haha. I love it! I'm a shoe fanatic myself so I definitely understand the NEED for just one more pair. :) I've thought about getting some of those flat TOMS, but I feel so weird with them on my feet (it would take some getting used to. just one of those things where I like how they look on other people, but I don't like them when I look down at my own feet).

    Great purchase. :)

    Bre @

  8. you just crack me up sometimes.


    ""i talked to myself about the difference between the things i want.
    and the things i need.""

    ha ! so good.

  9. hahaha!! "my best friend in the brown shorts and big truck" I.Love.You.
    SOOOOOOOOOO jealous that you got these, I saw them online other day and debated between these and the flats....I went with the flats (linen blue-green to be exact)So, I'm also waiting for my friend in the brown shorts to arrive!!! lol

  10. I didn't know Toms had wedges now! Soooo cute! I say that was a great buy!

  11. There has been ALOT of posts on toms wedges on different blogs lately, I've noticed! :) These are adorable!

  12. Congrats! Every once in a while it's nice to splurge. I love Toms too...I've tried them on more times than I can count but I'm so poor I haven't been able to make the purchase. Bummer. Maybe on MY next payday, I'll finally get a pair. I've really been wanting the yellow linen ones. AAAH I want them so bad!

  13. ok now i reallllly want a pair of these! they're darling!

  14. SOLD to the Scottish girl! Wow - I already love Toms due to the comfort factor and the ethical nature of the company, but these wedges are out of this world. I'm buying these the minute they arrive in Scotland. xx

  15. Yes!!! Good for you. It's fun to give into your fashion wants every once in a while. I love Toms but have yet to own a pair.. maybe someday soon! They're just such a great summer look, and they go with so many different kinds of outfits. We'll be wanting to see you rocking them in future outfit posts for sure, missy!

  16. your blog is so dang cute. :)
    plenty of smiles from me.

  17. Heck yeah! I've been seeing these around, so happy you bought some, they are adorable! XO!

  18. These are SUPER cute! I love my toms and I would love a pair of these!

  19. i love them too... will definitely look into buying a pair for the summer...

  20. How exciting!! What color did you get?

  21. i love these! i saw them for the first time last week and i think they're totally super way cute. i think i even like them better than regular toms because they add such a feminine flair! perfect. love them.

  22. NO WAY!!!
    TOMS has wedges now??? Oh my gosh. They are SO cute. Where have I been?? haha I need to get some...right now. They really will be the perfect summer shoe, though. You have no need to feel any remorse :] What kind did you get?

  23. Too cute! I don't have any Tom's, but I saw a girl on the subway the other day with a sparkly pair and fell in love.