Tuesday, June 22, 2010

:: a true story

{original image via weheartit}

once upon a time...

two girls commenced on a perfectly warm summer evening.
they brewed a pot of tea.
turned on the patio twinkle lights.
and fired up the laptop.
in their supreme wanderlust--
the two friends decided it was high time to stop talking.
and start doing.
so they made the decision.
right then.
right there--

surrounded by the lullaby of a classic beatles tune.
and the whirring a 1,000 mosquito wings--
to go to hawaii.

and they meant it.

they searched airfare and condos.
luaus and parasailing.
pearl harbor and rainforests.
pineapple fields and spas.

and then.
they couldn't stop smiling.
and jumping around.
and buzzing with the excitement of dreams coming true.

because in nine short months.
they'd be ankle deep in sand.
golden brown.
and care-free.
waving "aloha" to everyone they passed.

they'd be in hawaii.
and that's a gorgeous thing.

the end.

p.s- yes! this really is a true story!! woot woot!
in march, my friend liz and i are going to hawaii.
i've already started asking--
are we there yet?


  1. How exciting!!! That will be tons of fun! I love your story too. Sounds like a perfect summer night!

  2. You will love it! It is currently my home, well Maui is...sounds like you're going to oahu...I love the way you write! ANd the photograph is darling :) THe love of friends! How fun that you get to vacation with a friend, that's my dream - but to Ireland!

  3. Love the story of how it all came into being. Let the saving begin!

  4. That is a fantastic story :)
    My best friend and I planned a trip like that to Italy - but we never got to go :( Too much money, and we're both poor. Maybe someday...

  5. Fun, fun, fun! It's going to be so great for you girls to go there together! And it will be so great for us when you bring back amazing pictures!
    Can't wait!

  6. Good for you! Enjoy - the anticipation is 1/2 the fun :)

  7. That's AWESOME!! You're going to absolutely love it.

  8. cheers to you! what island?

  9. I love stories like that! Especially true ones. They just can't seem to be beat ;-)

  10. oh wow! that sounds amazing. i don't know what's better- twinkle lights and tea? or the anticipation of hawaii!

    also... cheese on your one-eyed jack?! just when i thought it couldn't get any better... thanks for the idea!!!

  11. Oh Alfie this is so exciting! It may be silly to say but I often enjoy the planning and dreaming part before my vacation almost as much as the actual vacation. :) Hope you enjoy your countdown time too!

    And thank you btw, I'm glad you like my newest finds.


    Bre @ http://theredbungalow.blogspot.com

  12. wow! this is like the best story ever! that is so seriously cool. i've never been to hawaii, but i can imagine it would be a pretty amazing place to pick up and move to! hurry up and get here, march!!

  13. hawaii?!? wow, i would have been jumping around too! i've always wanted to go there! soo exciting for you -- i can't say i'm not jealous!

  14. ah, nothing like planning a fun trip to make you excited about life! let the countdown begin!

  15. Oh, good for you! Way to be impulsive, I love it! You will have a fab trip, and something great to look forward to! XO!

  16. My best friend and I decided to drive across the US...and we did it!!!

  17. Exciting!! I was born in Hawaii, you'll have a blast!! Cute photograph. xoxo

  18. i love the story and love how you paired it with that image... have a great day!

  19. what a great pic!


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  21. How exciting! What island?? I've only been to Maui (twice) but have also wanted to go to Kauai because it's supposed to be really natural and more untouched.

    I hope you have a lovely time!! Do you think I could come packed in your suitcase? I'll give free massages! I'll apply sunscreen!! please?!?

  22. Lovely story,its so cool you get to go to Hawaii!
    Don't forget the SPF!!

  23. Oh how fun! You have to love it when a wonderful idea like this comes to fruition. :) I'm sure you all will have a wonderful time - I've never been to Hawaii, but it's at the top of my list of must-see places!

  24. Lucky you! It's beyond beautiful there. You'll have such a great time!

  25. YAY which island? If its Maui or Kauai I have must see's for you. :)