Monday, July 5, 2010

:: mary, mary--quite contrary...

i am officially obsessed with my garden.

this weekend i harvested more broccoli.
a few massive zucchinis.
the first offering from my jalapeno plants.

my brother-in-law and i bit into the little peppers.
and both ended up teary-eyed & milk guzzling.
they were delicious.

i also collected a few large bunches of kale.
it is one of my greatest joys to be able to--
wake up.
walk outside in bare feet.
tiptoe through the dew.
and pick fresh greens for my morning smoothie.

oh! how gloriously my garden grows.

i also couldn't help but snap a picture
of the "grannyism" on the inside of my sweet leaf tea cap.
it's one of my favorite sentiments.

here's to another fabulous summer week.
filled with garden bounty.

& the things that make you happy.


  1. good for you, drinking green smoothies!! I love being healthy, but I just haven't quite gotten to that point yet... i love green things, but not in a drink!

  2. i love green smoothies so much! my day never quite feels complete without one. i'm also a little jealous of your garden! these veggies look absolutely fabulous! someday - when i have a little place to - i'll have a garden like that. :)

  3. the photo of the broccoli "bouquet" is awesome! definitely put a smile on my face. :]

    love all the green!

  4. Woke up this morning to find another little green tomato growing on my plant. Smiles all round at our house :)

  5. I actually just made vegetable broth of fresh cabbage and zucchini. I usually have a vegetable broth in the mornings after waking.

    Then have breakfast an hour later. That broccoli looks so fresh and green. Must get some at the outdoor farmers market on tomorrow. Hope you are well, my lovely;-)

  6. oh my gosh I LOVE.
    love the pictures.
    love the garden idea.
    love my own garden.
    ahhhhh :)

  7. This all came from your garden? Amazing!!!

    I love that quote too. I'd totally keep that bottle top to remind me every day.

    Hope you had a great 4th!

  8. so lovely, sweetie! your veggies look pretty amazing.


    xo Alison

  9. oh my gosh these photos are so wonderful! you grew some really great broccoli and zuchinni. And it is so so true - there really is nothing greater than picking fresh ingredients for a meal. nothing.

  10. It must be so rewarding to be able to grow things. Lovely pics. xx

  11. looove these photos! that brocoli and zucchini looks great!

  12. Are you praying over your plants?! Cus you have some kind of magic something going on that's working for you! Those veggies look so good Alfie! I accidentally let my plants parish last week so I am intrigued by anyone that can tend & nurture to plants & gardens.

    ps. I want to tell you the comment you left me was so encouraging to read. Your words are always so kind & always make sense too. Thank you for your sweet wisdom always.

  13. This sounds heavenly. And that Grannyism quite possibly just made my night :)

  14. Your vegetables look fantastic, I'm so jealous and wish I had a great garden! (Though I must admit that the green smoothie intimidates me a bit!).

  15. WOOHOO that's so exciting! your veggies looks amazing! and what a perfect quote!

  16. I miss having a garden. I know that wonderful feeling of growing your own vegetables! It is so exciting! I love that quote...or maybe I should say advice!

  17. I'm so impressed by your growing abilities! I want a garden of my own someday... but this year, I'll be living in a little college apartment with no yard. Maybe I can at least grow some herbs on the windowsill :)

    I especially love that broccoli picture.

  18. oh i wish i had a green thumb...bc i would love to have my own little garden someday!

  19. awww, your garden sounds lovely :)

  20. how does your garden grow indeed!

    what a bountiful harvest my dear! i would love to have my own little veggies garden someday.

    p.s. i love your little mason jar glasses and that adorable straw!

  21. i want a garden so badly, your veggies are beautiful!

  22. i love the pic of the broccoli! someone gave me a zuchinni from their garden yesterday...and it was stinkin huge! i'm trying to figure out what to do with it! :)

  23. that came from your garden?? lucky! it looks so good!

  24. Good for you to have such a boutiful garden!! Maybe one of these days when I actually have outdoor space I'll be able to try my hand at it. (Who knows if I'll be able to make anything grow, but I'd love to try!)

  25. Congrats on your bounty! I would be the same way as you if my garden wasn't a total failure so far. I think next year we'll have it right, but for now I'm living vicariously through others and shopping at the farmer's market!