Friday, July 23, 2010

:: open-face creamy eggplant sandwiches

with eggplants dripping off the stalks in my garden--
i had to find some creative recipes.
and fast.

while flipping through the newest issue of
rachael ray magazine--
i came across this one.
and fell in love.

i didn't have caraway seeds on hand--
so i substituted sesame seeds.
not the same kick--but still tasty.
and i used 0% greek fage yogurt
in place of the whole milk variety.

it turned out to be a delightfully delicious meal.

if your eggplant bounty is as full as mine--
prepare a batch this weekend :)


  1. YUM! i'll definitely be trying this soon with our eggplants!

  2. Looks very good! Will have to try this sometime!

  3. eggplant sandwiches are one of my favorite things, this looks yummy.

  4. i've never been a big fan of eggplant but this looks pretty good...

  5. Hi your blog looks so gorgeous and you too…

    love your blog…

    hope you like my blog too…

    thank u

  6. oh my goodness! this looks so delicious... i must must try it! thanks for sharing, love. :)

  7. yum!! I just loooove eggplant... and this looks delicious!

  8. woo-hoo!
    definitely needing a way to eat all of these purple vegetables! thanks alfie!

  9. i'm such a sucker for open faced anything. this looks divine!

    xo Alison

  10. yum! i love finding new recipes!!

  11. you amaze me with your recipe skills :)

  12. oh. my. gosh.

    i need that sandwich. stat!

  13. mmmm i love eggplant - i just made baba ganoush for the first time, and it was so darn easy and delicious!

  14. dear miss alfie,

    i thought you'd like to know that i have TOMS TAN LINES ON MY FEET! and i thought of you when i discovered them.

    that is all.

    have a wonderful time at the beach!!

  15. eggplant is my favorite! so delicious.

    p.s. hope you are having fun at the beach you lucky duck!

  16. Hey girl! I am going to be in Africa for 3 weeks and was wondering if you would do a guest post on my blog, the theme is travel- anything you would like-- places you've been, places you want to go, packing essentials, travel tips etc! If you are interested, email my sister (For Me) and she'll give you more details! Thanks!! - Anna

  17. what a talented little chef you are!! i am majorly impressed with this meal creation. delish.

  18. yummm, i love eggplant! wish my hubby was as fond of it as i am!