Friday, August 13, 2010

i was inspired to garden.
and the process has been such an incredible journey.
almost therapeutic.
and now.
i've started on another little venture.
another blog-ish space.
my drawing board.
a sporadic place where i can toss my thoughts.
a poem or two.
or a single image that strikes me.
it isn't organized.
or thought out.
it's the alter ego of this beloved space.
it's so different from the beautiful blog community we have here.
it's not a journal.
it's a scrapbook.
little pieces of everything.
i'll be both places.


(it is that way)


  1. beautiful image alfie! i'll definitely be checking out your new space. enjoy your weekend!! hopefully you don't have to work all of it!

  2. that watermelon is more than fabulous!

  3. im liking 'it is that way'
    i dont know why but sometimes tumblr
    sometimes confuses me, but your looks great
    good job.

  4. cool new space! And what a gorgeous watermelon, yum!

    ps. going up north in the fall would be fantastic!!!

  5. Oh this is such a neat little space you started up. Very cool, Alfie!

  6. I love this picture, that watermelon is absolutely perfect! Gardening is a dream of mine; I hope one day to have the space and time and energy and..skill..for it! I will be checking out your new space...excited!

  7. Good for you! I just clicked on your Tumblr and I love it! I wish I knew how to work it, so I could make one. Anywho, I love blogging too, as well as drawing and gardening -- all very therapeutic! It is so good to re-discover the simpler things!

  8. mmm, that amazing watermelon makes me all the more excited for the one I just bought today at the market! I can't wait to have a garden of my own one day : )

  9. watermelon!! oh gosh, i could eat watermelon all day long, it's so yummy.