Tuesday, August 31, 2010

:: in the summer. in the city.

oh! blog.
i have not forgotten thee.
but i've been on a date.
a long one.
with my city.

nearly all my days have been spent in its streets.
among its people.
feeling its energy.
and i've been so full up-to-the-top with love for it---
i've had little time for anything else.

i haven't even taken my camera.
for how could i hold it while juggling--
fresh bakery breads.
and my yoga mat.
and my cutting board for the community soup prep.
and my noodles served off a rad chick's front porch.
and my fresh veggies from market?

it's been glorious to be here.
to be a part of it all.

but i'll be around.
soon enough, friends.
i'll be around.

in the meantime--
if you're fortunate enough to live here--
i'll see you on the street.


  1. well, this post was simply awesome.

    it's so invigorating to hear about your city love!


  2. i love the cafe and your posts about your city really change my perspective of detroit. love

  3. :) This post made me happy.

    Also! I saw The Poisonwood Bible on your sidebar bookshelf :) It's one of my very very favorite books of all time. I want Barbara Kingsolver to be my BFF...

  4. Oh what a beautiful post! It really made me smile : )

  5. CAFE DARTE!!! hah. Ahh your date with the city seems lovely!

  6. I liked this post :) I liked the pictures even better!!

  7. I love it :)
    That coffee/bread shop looks like a pretty happening place!
    I think that as I get older, I'm finding a new appreciation for the city. I've always been more of a country girl, but there really is a nice vibe about Chattanooga. Detroit seems equally great.

  8. Great pictures - enjoy your break at home.

  9. Well unfortunately I'm not from Detroit and I've never been, but it looks gorgeous! I love it. Maybe I'll get to go there someday...

  10. Oh - and I agree with you: sometimes it's wonderful to just take a rest from blogging and explore the world. I know how hard it is to go without a camera but it's worth it to open up your eyes and not worry about getting the perfect shot.
    have fun on your break! :)

  11. I've missed you!!!! What a great post, I ♥ Detroit.

  12. your blog has REALLY been capturing the essence of detroit as of late. you put us in some of its most intimate little secrets. i must admit i sometimes don't want its secrets to be shared. i know that is a selfish and unproductive notion though. the world surely deserves to know how truly lovely this place is and how brimming with honest and real romance each little nook and cranny is. your work in this blog is so thoughtful , giving , positive , enlightening , and .....INSPIRING. keep it going for always. great stuff.

  13. i love the no parking photo! so good.

  14. dates with your city are very acceptable. glad you have been enjoying yours!

    hope you have a great long weekend!

  15. i'm slowly discovering what an amazing city detroit is. a lot of my friends have been migrating there. that is so fantastic that you are such a part of the community!