Friday, January 7, 2011

a wintery day:::

it's snowing here.
big, thick, gentle flakes.
flakes that make the world outside my window
look like a snow globe.

i'm savoring this quiet moment here in my globe.
relishing the silence.

i've got a busy day ahead.

packed with coffee-drinking.
breakfast eating.
gab-fest commencing.
and fig recipe perfecting.

(that last in the hope that figs are the secret
ingredient in the iron chef competition
my friends have organized)

oh! sweet wintery world.
oh! day so ripe with potential.

do with me as you see fit.


  1. love this post, the images and the imagery created by the words. that is so awesome that you and your friends are doing your own little iron chef competition! have fun!!

  2. my second snow-y winter and i still love it!!
    I was scared of the cold flurries but it's magical.

  3. you are too cute. too too cute! such cooozy vibes here. i love it!

  4. mmm, i can smell the figs.
    i won't complain about our southern california weather, but a hot chocolate next to a fire, with snow falling outside-would be more than welcomed!

  5. I love snow. Mostly though, when I can sit inside and watch it fall, not having to worry about going anywhere!

  6. I just love this post!

    I'm a new reader of your blog. I hope to be back often :)