Thursday, February 24, 2011

:: the distance

i've done something i never thought i'd do.

i signed up for a 5K.

as a young girl who hated to jog even 1 mile in gym class--
running in a marathon-type race was always
out of the question.

then last week--
while driving to work-
i passed a billboard for the detroit marathon.
and something clicked.

i wanted to do that.
i would do that.

and so it's begun.
daily doses of yoga and running.

i'm starting slow--
for i am nowhere near race-ready.
but its an invigorating challenge.
and i wanted to share it with all of you.

my dailymile counter is new on the sidebar.
follow my miles.
and, perhaps, start tracking your own.

here's to health.
to goals.

& to doing what you never thought you could do.


  1. that's so inspiring!
    i'm not one who loves running...
    but maybe that's a reason why i should step out of my yoga comfort zone to do it... ?

  2. Congrats on signing up for the 5k! That's the first step! I love running but always do better when i have something to train for. One of my races this year is the Detroit Half Marathon and I can't wait!

    Looking forward to reading about your training!

  3. this is so fantastic! i really want to take up running this spring (when the weather isn't quite so frigid). and i have a feeling that thanks to physique and the knowledge that all feelings (and leg pains) eventually pass, i might be able to run a mile at a time. the goal of a marathon, though--way inspiring. can't wait to track your progress.

  4. yeah girl! That's awesome! Once you start you can't stop! I remember I was so nervous about my first 5k. But the amazing feeling you get afterwards sticks! I am running my first half-marathon in a week. EEE!!

  5. i'm so excited for you!! i had a very similar awakening about a year ago and i started to run. i've had such slow progress, but i'm finally coming into my own. i just finished my first race yesterday (a 9k) and i can tell you it's worth every single sore muscle! i can't wait to hear more :) good luck!!

  6. Thats great!! I would love to do it one day...just not this spring/summer for obvious reasons ;)