Tuesday, March 8, 2011

::: training


its week three now.

three weeks into my 5K training.

three weeks that i've been incorporating yoga & running
into my daily routine.

i feel motivated.
i feel alive.
i feel fabulous.

i hit the track outside the other day.

oh the refreshing burst i felt with the crisp air in my lungs.

i am thoroughly enjoying this fresh adventure!

anyone else out there lacing up their sneakers and giving this running thing a go?


  1. I am!! I have been hooked as it really puts me at ease. I love the feel of crisp cool air while running. Your posts always inspire me!!!

  2. me! :) and i connect with you about the bright fresh air. oh man, if there's a time i love to run more than any other, it's spring. being able to run outside again is the best feeling on earth. when is your race??

  3. Wow, AWESOME blog!!! I feel like I know you for some reason!! Thanks for reading smielwithyourheart!!! I'm going to keep reading yours!!! it feels really good! Happy FRIDAY!!!