Thursday, April 28, 2011

:: golden light

the earth is telling us something.

between the quakes.
and tsunamis.
and fires.
and tornadoes.

our planet is announcing that it's fed up with it's abuse.

i'd been feeling unsettled.

the weather was so unseasonably cold here.
the skies an ever-evolving shade of gray.
the barely budded trees appeared stunned.
the grass maintained its post-winter yellow hue.
snow accumulated the week i had slotted to plant my seedlings.

i had a moment of panic.

had we done it?

was this the year that the weather & seasons changed forever?

had mother earth reached her threshold?

would i ever see the sun again?

and then it stormed last night.
winds and rains of typhoon-esque proportions.
the mitten catching the teeny-tiny tail end
of the storms ravaging the south.

and in the morning.
there was sun.

and i arrived home to a street sprinkled with flower petals.
blown about from the neighbors tree.
my block looked like a giant wedding aisle.
the storm acting as the ever-enthusiastic flower girl.

and the sky was blue.
and the flowers pink.
and the grass green.
and the sun shone it's golden light as far as i could see.

and i sighed.
and i breathed deep.

for all we've done--
the earth still graces us with spring.

i am forever thankful.