Friday, May 6, 2011

:: without facebook.

i did something dramatic.

sort of.

i deleted facebook.

and while that should have been no big deal.

it was.

calls and e-mails poured in from everyone i knew.

where was my facebook?

did i block everyone?


why did i do it?

and my answer was simple.

because i lived 22 years without it.

and i was ready to live without it again.

i thought at first that it would be hard.

but in actuality-- it's been quite the opposite.

i've found myself genuinely enjoying the smaller things::

like lying there and really, really listening

to the passion and love in johnny & june's voices on vinyl.

or taking the time to read a great book--

one that makes me yearn for a life far, far off the grid.

or diving deep into fabulous cookbooks--

and taking note of the beautiful way the late afternoon light plays off their bindings.

it's been refreshing in other ways too.

when i had breakfast with my friend the other day--

things had happened in her week that i didn't know about.

i hadn't seen any status updates--

so we had so so much to discuss.

and my other friend--

she's pregnant.

so i've missed a few weeks of "bump" pictures.

and what a joy it was to see her in all her beautiful glory for the first time in awhile.

and then i have another friend.

whom i rarely see.

that i panicked over for a split second after i deleted my account.

how would i communicate with her?

facebook was our connection.

and so--

to ease my mind--

i called her.

and we actually talked.

and it was way better than facebook could ever be.

in the teeny-tiniest of ways.

a life without facebook

makes me feel



  1. Good job! The instant I tried deleting my facebook, my mom called me 5 minutes later to make sure everything was okay. I have thought about deleting mine for good, but I enjoy looking at everyone's pictures. I'm going to try and limit it during the day and take it off of my phone. No one needs to know or cares that I'm checked in at Bar Method at 7am. Stay strong!

  2. you inspire me sooooo much.

    i have been contemplating the same action for quite some time.

    i'm not there yet, but i think i'm on my way.

    hearing about how it impacted your week was brilliant.

    smart move, friend.


  3. My husband has never had a FB page and his friends think it's so odd. Almost like if someone doesn't have an email address. I love that you unplugged and are really paying attention to friendships.

    Hope you're having a great weekend!

  4. good for you!! it is sad to think how hard that would be for me. but i'm wondering if it would be easy, like for you, once it was said & done.. this is a beautiful post. i love how you process your thoughts in written form. so poetic. you inspire me in many ways!

  5. this post is glorious. GLORIOUS. i hope that one day i have the courage to do the same. you're such a lovely girl, i'm gonna know you in real life some day, i'm just sure of it.

  6. Good Morning,

    I just clicked on your blog from a friend's blog....your post title intrigued me so I hopped over. I don't usually comment on blogs of people I don't know but I felt compelled to write a little note to this post. I also *quit* FB over a year ago and it was a an excellent decision for my life. Of course FB is not inherently bad, but there is something about it that just draws a person in and makes it hard to leave. So silly that we have to speak of it as if it is an addiction...*I gave it up* or *I quit*...but maybe that is because in a some ways it is.

    Thanks for a great post.

  7. i haven't been here in so long. i show up , take a look , and remember how much i have missed reading this blog. such a treat.

  8. good for you! to be able to enjoy the finer things...books, foods, person-to-person CONVERSATIONS...its the way things are supposed to be. this is so insightful. one day i will delete my facebook, because right now it is [for better or for worse] too vital of a lifeline