Friday, June 24, 2011

:: beekeeping

the bees were mostly awake in their perfect house-- mary oliver

i've been thinking long.

and hard.

on bees.

when i work in the garden.

i can imagine a hive in the corner yard.

near the garage.

i can hear the workers low buzz.

can taste the sweetness of fresh honeycomb.

but, alas.

bees have i not.

then last night i got called into work.

and although every fiber in me was pleading

to stay home with pajama's and poetry--

i went in.

and as it would be.

my patient was a beekeeper.

keeping me up all night with adventure tales from the hive.

stirring my heart with her passion.

promising me that my bees would be my love.


when my time is right--

she promised me a starter hive.

a seed to a great new adventure.


indeed i am thinking long.

and hard.

on bees.

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