Monday, June 27, 2011

::: pablo & yarrow

I've wandered the world in search of life: / bird by bird I've come to know the earth...


i've been savoring a new book.

a bird lover since i was a child--
sitting on my grandparents couch &
pouring over vintage birdwatching guides--
i found myself intrigued when i discovered that pablo neruda
had published a volume dedicated solely to
the earth's marvelous winged things.

out of print--
the book was not an easy find.
nor exceptionally cheap.
but what a treasure it is.

it is filled with neruda's silky words.
and poetic genius.
complimented by beautiful etchings and drawings.

if you find a copy.
buy it.
don't think twice.

been marveling, as well, at the generosity of a dear friend.
after hearing my tales of yarrow seed.
she surprised with with a pot of fully grown transplants from her garden.

the beautiful flowers have been on her property for ages.
probably 50 years or more.

it's so inspiring to look at those plants and think:

you've been on this earth longer than i have.

it's such a reality check.
such a testament to the truth that the earth is so much greater than we.


  1. That Yarrow is so beautiful.
    The book looks absolutely amazing. Gorgeous artwork.x

  2. Yarrow has a special place for me too ~ my favorite is the white but I love the deep red that I see sometimes in people's gardens.

    And, I have never heard of a book of Neruda bird poems! I'm going to search for a copy. :) I treasure that first edition of Gone-Away...

  3. as a girl who named her dog pablo after neruda, i am totally in love with this idea. i've got to get a copy of this book!