Wednesday, July 13, 2011

::: finding the balance

i drove a dear co-worker to her chemotherapy treatment today.

i sat beside her as the drugs infused.

while we waited--

i received word that my best friend had just given birth to her first baby.

i was suspended.

caught in one of life's great transpositions.

stretched between something so outwardly celebratory and miraculous.

and another thing.

so wrought with question one strains to find the lesson within the pain.

i was veiled.

draped all at once in the beauty.

and the ashes.

of a life lived.

and so i came home and found balance in

beads & beans.

beet juice & bird feather.

carrot & calendula.

i knelt on the ground.

and gave thanks.

for all blessings.

for all lessons.

for all joys.

and yes.

even all sorrows.


  1. hmm, so bewildering sometimes how life gives and takes. balance in the beans, though, i love that.

  2. beautifully written alfie! you have a gift for capturing the beauty & depth of a moment.

  3. oh my goodness. so intricate and thoughtful.

    thank you for your thoughts :)

  4. ah i so just think your blog is my most favorite.

  5. and this is why i return again and again to your lovely corner of the internet.

  6. water in my eyes.

    i love this so.

    beautiful, alfie.

    we are up against the mystery, and i am grateful for every piece of it.

  7. p.s. secretly hoping that someday you will write a book full of your beautiful words. xo

  8. wow, beautiful. life is a mystery - balance is a good thing. blessings to both your friends

  9. Life is a great mystery isn't it. But one thing is for sure it is great , the sorrows and joys.
    Much love to you.

  10. beautiful post...i love your carrots.

  11. in fact. i'm linking to you over at my blog.

  12. Wow. Thank you for sharing. This moved me.