Sunday, August 28, 2011

::: the coffee shop

astro coffee
favorite menu offering: macchiato.

avalon bakery
favorite menu offering: sea salt chocolate chip cookie.


i have this thing for coffee shops.
for ordering a latte.
and a cookie.
and getting lost at a corner table.
with a book.
or a newspaper.
or a journal.

there's something about the community.
that is formed across cafe tables.
and counters.
the commonality present among each hot cup of joe.
or tea.

there's this electricity in the gathering.
some form of magic in the people watching.
a peace in the knowledge that--
you're never alone in a coffee shop.
even when you enter by yourself.

i love escaping through the doors.
being greeted by the scent of fresh bean.
and, sometimes, fresh bread.
being washed over.
by the sound of a hundred different whispers.

the coffee shop gives me permission.
to do nothing.
and in finding that stillness.
i realize.

i've done everything.


{my two favorite coffee spots in detroit are pictured above.
they are both equal amounts of peace and fabulous.}


  1. i love coffee shops and a delicious coffee beverage!

    i recently had sea salt icecream and it was divine :) i can only imagine a sea salt cookie.

  2. I really wish there was a coffee shop open right now but there's *not!*

    Tomorrow, then.

  3. Moi also. I love it all so much. It's my favorite place to work when I'm not working at home. So much creative energy to gather! So much inspiration.