Tuesday, August 9, 2011

::: diana film 1: soup at spaulding court

this morning.
i found my forgotten little diana camera.
along with a long-lost roll of used up lomo film.
i scoured the town.
and found a small place that still developed photos.
in an hour flat--the film was processed.
& the rest of the day has been spent immersed in these images.

so haunting and lovely.

this particular batch was taken last august.
at a fundraising soup dinner.
in the parking lot of an abandoned apartment complex.
all funds went to the renovation of the property.
it was a memorable time.

finding these photos in their little plastic cocoon.
was unearthing a treasure.
hope you enjoy the simplicity of the film.
as much as i do.

another batch of diana pictures coming later this week.


  1. Lovely. I think the yellows and blues are very nice. I love finding forgotten rolls of film.

  2. I enjoy it. I really do. What kind of soup is it? It looks so tasty.

  3. Beautiful images.
    I have several old rolls of film in a drawer. Would love to see what's on them!