Monday, August 1, 2011

:: the work

my job has been keeping me occupied.

making me accountable to the clocking in & clocking out.

filling my lungs with hospital air.

my belly with cafeteria peanut butter packets.

and my hands with sweet new life.

but when i'm home between shifts.

i've managed to carve out a few moments for myself.

finding time to--

wax poetic over dripping eggplants.

fall madly in love with new warby parker specs.

and scroll endlessly through this beautiful summer blog.

so here's to the work week.

to the work we all do.

and to the beautiful little things that work on us in return.



  1. the portrait of you is lovely!

    tim works at the hospital too and we've been trying to send him in (we = he & I) with better food. today was orzo with cheddar and brocolli, a banana, an can be tough when he doesn't pack something, but he loves it when beets are in the salad bar there!

    your eggplant is gorgeous, I love how glossy they get, like how grapes would be if they could.

  2. Great pictures! I always enjoy getting to stop by your little corner of the blogosphere.

  3. cute glasses! and head scarf! and that summertime blog is magical! makes me want summer never to end.