Thursday, September 15, 2011

: love letters and leaps :

when the nights start getting cooler.
and the sky turns a few shades darker.

the best and only thing to do.

is meet your friends on the corktown sidewalk.
under a full moon.
for hot barbecue sandwiches.
and fresh peach tea.

the very act of it.
is the final love letter to summer.
and the first leap into fall.



  1. God that sounds like just the thing to do!

  2. where are these? cree and I want to explore detroit this weekend. any suggestions?

  3. Yours is my latest newly discovered blog....I am soaking up your beautiful words and evocative images. How wonderful for me to be able to drop in and visit Detroit without leaving my armchair in Australia! :)

  4. amanda:: so excited you guys want to come explore down here.

    i'm currently out of internet and am snagging the connection i have now from a mcdonald's parking lot-- so excuse my short-on-details reply :)

    here's a quick list of my favorite places:

    slow's bbq on michigan ave.
    astro coffee (right next door to slows! incredible flat white latte!)
    avalon bakery- on willis.
    spiral collective (a store full of eclectic goods--- in the same strip as avalon)
    john k. king bookstore---the greatest place on earth :)
    detroit institute of arts---enough said :)
    good girls go to paris crepes-- on the same block as the DIA--- delish crepes!
    le petit zinc-- on trumbull-- an amazing french cafe.
    city bird-- on canfield-- another great little shop: featuring all local and michigan themed goods.
    motor city brewing works-- next to city bird on canfield---best pizza ever!!

    all places are searchable on google for directions, hours, etc!

    can't wait to see pictures :)

  5. phrased so lovely. what a tribute to summer! love your blog.

  6. gorgeous. as always.

    i missed you while i was away!


  7. I want the full moon back! We already have plans for perhaps a moonlit hike next month when it returns. Eating bbq sandwhiches under it sounds heavenly...