Wednesday, September 21, 2011

:: we stood. steady as the stars in the woods. -- b.howard

ever since i discovered the grove.
it's been a place of peace.
and clarity.
to me.

i love standing at the mouth of the woods.
that first stretch of dirt-packed path to the forest.
i take a quick breath before i enter.
it's a different world beneath that canopy.
of tree and branch.

and anything is possible.


on my latest journey there.
i came upon a place where the trees break.
and a lovely view of the blue pond emerges.
as i peered between the bark-covered trunks.
i halted and i hushed.

for perched like porcelain on the surface of the water.
stood a snow-white crane.
her beak dipped low.
as she balanced on the blue tide.
with effortless ease.
and grace.

i longed to capture her image.
and slowly.
removed the cap from my camera lens.

but alas.
my presence made known.
she turned her head to my rustle.
and lifted into the wind.

her wings moved like a single feather.
up and down like a marionette.
seemingly weightless.
in flight.

as she perched on a tree branch across the pond.
i stared.
feeling oh-so-grateful.
for a moment in her presence.


i was curious to see.
what my camera captured.
of the great cranes flight.
and was delighted to find.
you can just see her.
on the film.

a white wisp on the water.
leaving a shadow.
and a ripple.
in her wake.


  1. What a stunning place to escape to! Your words and photos are as charming as ever.

  2. Oh gorgeous... your words & images brought me there!