Saturday, September 3, 2011

... the story behind the picture...

i've always had this thing for old photos.
as a child--
i can remember pouring over tattered boxes.
stuffed to the top with yellowed pictures.
ones of my grandmother.
and my great-grand mother.
and people no one could remember anymore.

i especially loved those really really thick ones.
mounted on dark cardboard.
they made me imagine a world.
where even simple photos were a novelty.
were precious.
were art.

i'm still drawn to old pictures.
and love when i happen upon big boxes of them.
at antique shops.
or garage sales.

today i found a couple of stacks at a towering used book store.
and these few jumped out at me.
each had so much character.
so many layers.
such a story.
(that one of the eiffel tower-
had my imagination running wild!)

i felt compelled to buy them.
and then equally as compelled to share them here.



  1. I have a few old ones that I love as well. I don't know who the people are, but I love the feel, the details, the mystery...

  2. I have always had a love of old photos as well. When I was young I would create these little stories in my head of who the people were and what they were doing. I also remember how I truly believed that there was no color in the world until just a little before my time and how sad it must have been for those who didn't get to see all the beauty that colors bring.