Thursday, October 20, 2011

documenting the moon.

{moon. 10/8/11}

life has been full.
oh. so. full.

and i've found precious little time to document it.

spontaneous road trips across the state at sunrise.
blue corn pancakes.
dancing stage-side at concerts.
and northern exposure re-runs.

have consumed my days.
and nights.

oh- i've taken photos all along the way.
have no doubts.
and undeveloped film.
lays cased in my purse.
as we speak.
just aching to be processed.
and shared.

proper updates are in the works.
a diary of fall excitement.

in the meantime.
i'll keep trying for that perfect picture of the moon.


  1. Beautiful thoughts...need those this week!

  2. the moon is elusive when it comes to photos! i always try to capture the harvest moon on my camera, but it never turns out. i can't wait to see your photos of your adventures!

  3. have tried so many times. still haven't caught the perfect image of the moon.

  4. oh, such an amazing moon photo! i am terrible at capturing moon pics.

  5. Gorgeous photo, the moon looks perfect, very well captured <3