Wednesday, October 5, 2011

eggs & oxfords

the days.
as of late.
have been introspective.
they pulse and buzz.
with the life-force of discovery.
and wonder.

i've spent them.
wearing in a pair of oxfords.
traipsing cities and forests--
with a pentax k1000 around my neck.
and cooking up the freshest of northern farm eggs.

this woman's incredible music
has been the soundtrack of my sunrise and moonlight.

it plays on in my head.
long after the notes have ceased.


  1. I have been listening to her a lot lately too...thanks to your introduction of her lovely, ethereal music.

  2. these photos are perfectly beautiful, my dear!

    and i have those days, too. the layered & introspective days. i get quiet and examine my insides and my outsides and where they all should go from here.

    and now i'm learning about zoe! so thank you :)

  3. Oh my word Alfie ... you are SO poetic!

  4. ah, i am sooooo in love with zoe's music. she lives in my neck o' the woods. what an amazing artist.

    the egg picture is gorgeous.


    p.s. you are one of my only "must-reads" in this wide worldly web of wonders.

  5. I've been with my oxfords all week too